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Choosing the right partner is also essential. If your vendor is not specialized in products that are similar to yours, or if your project is not translated by real experts who can cope with it efficiently and on their own, then you and your team will have to spend a lot of time solving problems and managing the localization efforts.

Plus, if there are mistakes in your translations, your potential clients will assume that the quality of your product is low and they will flee right away or just buy a cheaper product. Once the above is clear, there are a few tips that can also help you save money and time on your translations and localizations. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or if you have suggestions on what you would like to see included on this page. We will make sure we include them if they can help other companies save money and time on their translation efforts.

The following diagram shows the basic steps involved in a standard Mac localization project. It may seem complicated, but do not worry. We will take care of everything! The next step is translation. Once all nib files have been edited, runtime tests are performed to see how the GUI pieces are actually rendered:. Translating your app description and keywords into the 5, 10 or 15 most popular languages is probably the first thing you should do.

This is a simple and economical task that can quickly double the number of your potential buyers. A small investment in professional translation makes it easier for more people to learn about your products and to better understand what you have to offer. Consider that many users would never find your app in the App Store if your keywords and description were not translated into their languages.

Even if they found your app in related searches, customers will be much more likely to read about your app if the message is in their spoken language. In addition to your product description, you should also localize your keywords , the product name and, in some cases, the screenshots.

Marketing your app in other languages before your competitors start taking this approach will help you expand your share in markets that are clearly growing and where buyers more and more expect the information to be in, and professionally translated into, their own language. Contact us today, and help your global audience learn about your product and buy it. Just send us the English files that you would like to have translated in any format that is convenient for you , tell us what languages you need, and once you accept our quotation, your translations will be ready in a very short time!

Distributors can be excellent sales organizations, but they are not localizers. The quality they offer is often poor and that can risk your image and damage your global sales. Their localization capacity is very limited, which means they can delay the localization of your product if they have other priorities. If you already have your products localized professionally, you can use that to negotiate better conditions with your distributors. If end users complain to distributors about the quality of their own localization, you may never know about it.

There can be legal implications about the ownership rights of the localization work. Si vous avez des questions ou si vous souhaitez recevoir un devis détaillé, il vous suffit de nous envoyer un message. Nous nous ferons un plaisir de répondre à votre demande dans un délai de 4 heures ouvrables.

Nous proposons également des remises sur les projets de grande taille. Les traducteurs techniques professionnels, les ingénieurs et les localiseurs spécialisés souhaitant travailler avec nous sont invités à nous envoyer un message à work localversion. Vous devez avoir activé JavaScript pour utiliser ce site. Ajoutez votre entreprise à cette liste! Services Domaines de spécialisation. Eduard Simón.

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Avis de clients. Sam Dean, Griffin Technology Tenessee, États-Unis LocalVersion est un collaborateur inestimable dans notre quotidien, respectueux des délais et toujours disposé à discuter des tendances pour livrer des traductions techniques correspondant au style que nous recherchons. Ana Aguilar, Société de conseil en relations publiques Paris Flexibilité, précision, rigueur, amabilité. Guide de l'internationalisation et de la localisation pour les développeurs Apple.

A successfully localized service or product is one that appears to have been developed within the local culture. Pourquoi de telles différences dans les tarifs de traduction? Pourquoi payer une société de localisation au lieu de traduire en interne? Reliable, specialized translators and localizers are hard to find, expensive, and often busy. And even excellent translators can miss deadlines, or perform inconsistently if their work is not proofread.

A team adds capacity and services, and offers quality consistency and coordination, often at a lower cost. A common mistake when first evaluating localization costs is to consider external rates as the determining factor, instead of measuring the overall cost of the project, and considering both external and internal costs selecting, training, coordinating, and supervising the professionals, buying equipment and tools, etc.


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What is more important, the return on the investment is what really matters from a business perspective, and time-to-market plays a basic role here, as you know well. Software and web localization are technical tasks requiring the cooperation of different professional profiles.


Not only linguists, but also engineers, testers, graphic designers, internationalization experts, project managers It makes sense to outsource that to a specialized team to make sure that project goals budget, schedule, and customer satisfaction are not missed. Translation and localization are very dynamic industries. New tools and practices quickly outdate the existing ones.

Professional advice can save you a lot of time and money through automation, workflow optimization, and customized solutions. The standard localization process includes the following basic steps: Analysis and evaluation of the necessary resources and tools, based on the material received.

Creation and maintenance of terminology glossaries; cultural, technical and linguistic assessment. Text translation, review by a second linguist, and proofreading to ensure quality and consistency. Resizing of the user interface. Localization of graphics, movies, scripts or any other media containing visible text and user interface. Documentation layout. Compilation and build of the localized files for testing. Linguistic and functional quality assurance. Project delivery.

In your field, we offer perfect results, a great service, and costs that are significantly lower. Because our organization is small and agile, we do not charge you for heavy structures, management and administrative overheads, margins, sales representatives and marketing campaigns, or services and languages that you will never need. Give us a try and you will be surprised. Even if you come to us through one of our satisfied customers, as is often the case, we understand that you feel some risk in working with a localization company that you do not know.

That is why we will do anything that helps you feel comfortable and confident from the very beginning, like working on some small pilot translation project or sample free of charge; giving you real-time visibility on the status of your project so that you have control over it at your convenience; offering you introductory discounts so that you can have the first translation jobs revised externally if you want; telling you about our customers and references; showing you the profiles of the professional localizers who will manage your specific projects, etc.

Comment pouvons-nous concevoir un produit accessible à l'international ou internationalisé? Here are some examples. All user interface elements should be isolated from the source code.

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User interfaces and layouts must be flexible enough to accommodate text expansion. It's also a good practice to allocate text buffers dynamically, when possible. If the same string is used in different contexts, try to make multiple copies of it to allow for different translations. Word order varies with the language, so it's better not to create text messages dynamically at runtime, by using for instance multiple insertion parameters or concatenating strings.

In general, no assumptions should be made about how each language combines words and interprets information. It's a safe practice to document non-obvious features and non-standard configurations that have to be tested at runtime. If information that must not be translated is grouped separately, it will be easier to leave out this information in the localized version.

As for graphics, you might prefer to use generic icons and images that do not require localization. Translating text in bitmaps and icons can be time-consuming.

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If you use images with overlaid text, the workload will be less if you deliver layered files, details of fonts used and other specifications to your localization provider. Comment les mises à jour de localisation sont-elles effectuées? Devrai-je payer à nouveau pour du travail déjà effectué? There are two possible scenarios. You take care of the update process on your side and send us the new or updated strings for translation. In this case we will act as your translation team and simply send you the requested strings in your preferred format and all necessary languages.

Your quote will be based on the number of new words to be translated. Do you want to learn more about our tools and processes? Please, send a note to us at info at localversion dot com. Astuces pour économiser de l'argent et du temps sur la traduction et la localisation. Planning: The most important factor in determining the cost of a translation is the word count. You should translate those contents that really have to be translated in order to maximize your sales. You probably do not have to translate the information for everything that you offer in English into all the languages that figure in your offer.

The costs can be optimized if the right approach is taken. Some texts can even be replaced by images or videos that do not need to be translated. Planning always helps. By avoiding tight schedules, you can often get better prices and a better quality. Even more important: the sooner your product is released, the sooner it will start generating profit for you.

Work with the same localization team over time.

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If different translators are involved in a given translation, or in the subsequent updates of a specific product, this will add time and cost in terms of coordination, learning curve, review, and steps to prevent inconsistencies in terminology and style. Working with the same experts eliminates these issues and the costs and errors that result.

Minimize "middleman" costs. Large translation companies have big marketing budgets, but they usually outsource the work to smaller companies, which in turn outsource to freelance translators.